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Track Partnership completes 23-day block closure on the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines ahead of schedule

Track Partnership has completed a 23-day block closure to renew vital infrastructure on the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines // more


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ERS (Embedded Rail System)

Railway investment and planning horizons are long term.  All railway administrations seek to minimise the lifecycle costs of this infrastructure.

There is a demand to adopt low maintenance trackforms. The installed cost must not outweigh the maintenance and inspection cost benefits.

Railway administration must also satisfy increasing RAMS demands. The Balfour Beatty Embedded Rail System has been designed to meet these demands.

  • Low installation cost close to that of ballasted track
  • Continuously supported rail – less corrugation
  • Ultrasonically transparent rail
  • No rail break delay to traffic
  • Only 3 components per track metre
  • Low maintenance
  • 4 year breakeven costs with conventional track
  • 80% extra head wear
  • High railhead stability and track quality retention
  • Protection against derailment